Bao Lab         

Epigenomic Regulation of Stem Cell Maintenance and Differentiation 


​The human body is composed of various morphologically and functionally distinctive cell types, yet they all share the same genome. My group is interested in characterizing how spatial/temporal genome organization is programed to ensure proper gene expression to define cell identity. This is fundamental to understanding development and tissue homeostasis, and may provide new insight for human disease therapies. 

    The primary research platform used in my group is human epidermal tissue, an excellent model system that integrates the strength of tissue engineering, imaging, genomics, proteomics and informatics to systematically characterize gene regulation. 

    We are currently exploring the epigenetic regulatory mechanism underlying stem cell maintenance, tissue differentiation, as well as human diseases such as cancer. 

Lab News:

04/15/2019: Congrats Mari for earning your Northwestern URG Award! 

​02/26/2019: Lab received Basic Insights Award from the Cancer Center! 

02/20/2019: Congrats Giovanni for earning your AYURG Award! 

09/06/2018: Congrats Sarah for earning the Teaching Award!

08/10/2018: Congrats Patric for passing qualifying exam! 

06/07/2018: Congrats Sarah for passing qualifying exam! 

05/20/2018: Congrats Mari, Deborah and Sidney for your Weinberg College Summer Research Grants! 

​12/18/2017: Lab received Illumina Pilot Program Award! 

12/15/2017: Congrats Patric for your appointment to the Carcinogenesis training grant starting in Sept 2018!

09/09/2017: Congrats Sarah for getting CMBD training grant!

08/28/2017: Congrats Patric for your appointment to the Biotechnology Training Program! 

07/14/2017: Lab received P&F Award from SDRC at Northwestern!

05/10/2017: Congrats Giovanni for your Weinberg College Summer Research Grant!

​The Bao Lab is located in the picturesque Evanston campus at Northwestern University. We are primarily affiliated with the Department of Molecular Biosciences, a vibrant and supportive interdisciplinary environment. We are also jointly affiliated with the Department of Dermatology, and the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Chicago campus.