Rapid Genetic Characterization in Intact Human Tissue

Stem Cell Competition Assay in vivo

We uncover novel protein-protein interactions, both stable and transient associations, via both conventional affinity purification as well as the BirA purification system. We are also interested in deciphering the roles of post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation and methylation. 

​​Organotypic Human Tissue Regeneration (~ 1 week)

Proteomic Identification of Interactome and Modifications

Genomic Analysis of Epigenetic Regulation


We leverage the strength of ATAC-seq to profile open chromatin landscape with as few as 50 thousand cells, and have

optimized an "on-plate" protocol for adherent cells without the need of trypsinization. We further integrate the data analysis 

of ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq, and RNA-seq to elucidate gene regulation mechanism. 

Using 3'READS+ (3' Region Extraction and Deep Sequencing plus), we have recently mapped the transcriptome-wide termination sites in primary human keratinocytes. In particular, 2739 of these termination sites are mapped to introns! We are currently characterizing the function and regulation of these intronic sites. 

Our characterization of gene function within 3-dimensional organotypic human tissue can be achieved in less than a week. We have further developed a "Stem Cell Competition Assay" to label and track living human cells in vivo by grafting self-renewing human epidermal tissue. 

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Bao Lab         

Gene Regulation of Adult Stem Cell Maintenance & Human Tissue Regeneration