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Gene Regulation of Adult Stem Cell Maintenance & Human Tissue Regeneration

Key Contributions to the field of Epidermal Gene Regulation:

1. CDK9 kinase activity switch underlies the earliest events of epidermal differentiation

   Combining chemical inhibitors together with RNAi, RNA-seq and ChIP-seq, we identified that the AFF1 scaffold of the super-elongation complex cooperates with HEXIM1 to hold CDK9 in an inactive state in epidermal progenitors. Activation of CDK9 triggers rapid activation of their direct targets within a couple of hours, and to subsequently upregulate several differentiation-activating transcription factors such as ZNF750, OVOL1 and GRHL3. 

2. Epidermal differentiation is influenced by transcription termination in the INTRONS

    We applied 3'READS+ for the first time in epithelial tissue, and identified 373 genes that are differentially regulated by premature transcription termination in the introns, comparing the progenitor-state versus terminally differentiated keratinocytes. This phenomenon is also known as intronic polyadenylation (IpA). 

    We identified that the genes regulated by IpA in epidermal differentiation include GRHL3, a transcriptional factor essential for activating terminal differentiation. Using CRISPR KO, we confirmed that IpA is essential for suppressing GRHL3 function in progenitor-state keratinocytes. Using a combination of protein complex purification and targeted RNAi screen, we discovered that GRHL3 IPA is controlled through the cooperation between the transcription termination regulator CPSF and the splicing regulator HNRNPA3. 

2. Epidermal progenitor maintenance requires the intact function of protein arginine methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1)

    Using both human and mouse models, we found that the depletion of PRMT1 abolished the epidermal progenitor function. Using tandem affinity purification, we discovered that PRMT1 interacts with a number of transcription regulators, RNA-binding proteins, and kinases. We further elucidated that PRMT1 is phosphorylated by the casein kinase CSNK1a1, and this phosphorylation controls PRMT1's chromatin binding. 

4. Development of the on-plate ATAC-seq and identification of BAF-p63 cooperation

    We discovered that the loss of the catalytic subunits of the BAF complex, BRG1 and BRM, selectively leads to decreased chromatin accessibility at the p63 binding sites with p63 motif. Using ChIP-seq, we further demonstrated that p63 and BAF cooperatively bind to maintain open chromatin landscape. 

5. The actin-like subunit of the BAF complex BAF53a is essential for epidermal progenitor Maintenance

    The actin-like subunit ACTL6A/BAF53A is highly enriched in the progenitor state, and it is downregulated during epidermal differentiation. Using both mouse and human epidermal tissue models, we found that ACTL6a depletion induced premature differentiation of epidermal cells in the progenitor compartment. We further identified the transcription activator KLF4 as a key downstream factor repressed by ACTL6a. 

TOTAL List of Publications

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