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What is the meaning of "research"? 

1. If you decide to do "research", it is entirely different from taking a specific course in a classroom setting. You don't know the true answer. Neither does your PI. 

​2. The entire course of research is about proposing possible explanations, and to A) eliminate them, B) modify them, or C) confirm them. The probability of confirming your first hypothesis is extremely low. 

3. If you decide to take an independent research project, you are expected to the driver of the project. Your PI will provide guidance. But you are the person who does most of the work. Your project is like your baby. 

4. The most exciting part of research? To me, is being the first person to get closer to the true answer -- to find out the true pattern/mechanism of nature!

5. How to be more efficient at research? First, plan your experiment well. Think critically about the best controls to include. Second, be very careful at each step. Double or triple check everything. The human brain is not error-proof. By checking and confirming everything, we can eliminate many "silly" mistakes. "Check twice, do it once.". Third, keep detailed notes for all the steps. You want your experiments to be reproducible. There is no such thing as "doing it exactly the same". No two leaves on the same tree are identical. Keep a record of the details, so you can try your best to repeat or to modify the next time. Fourth, be open. If things are not working as expected, talk to your lab mates. We want you to maximize your success!

Current Open Positions:

We are constantly recruiting talented and highly motivated team members! Current openings include but not limited to:​

      Postdoctoral Fellows

      Rotation Graduate Students  

      --- Winter and Spring Quarters

      Undergraduate students interested in interdisciplinary fundamental research

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